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Can you name the words that end in IAL?

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One stage of grief
Loose soil or sand in a river
Friendly, cheerful, or outgoing
Boosting health, or of help
An ism, based on experience
Monetary, or kind of advisor
Crocs cousin
Jocular or jolly
Less than human
Combative, or kind of art
Unimportant, '... Pursuit'
Chemist's tube
Of a certain area on a map
Like a heavy rain
Of the skull
Remaining trace, like some tails
Tailor's art
Barber's art
A gift to the gods
Changeable in mood, or short tempered
Newsman's opinion
Sanctioned by the government
Bird's eye view, or car antenna
Of a marriage ceremony
A lasting reminder
Capable of becoming
A kind of paper tissue
Needed, vital
The nature of space
Of the heart
Shallow, as a person
Satan, or demon
Polite, or a cherry candy
Of the heavens
He phoned home
Informal in speech
Kind of equation or transmission
Style of house with pillars
Greeting card envelope size
User guide
Advertisment, or related to business
Outgoing, '... butterfly'
Ornament on a lamp or curtain rod
Indicator or deodorant soap brand
Early, life-bringing, ooze
Of kin
Product registration number
Taking care of buildings or kids
In a specific order
Of a river of ice

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