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Can you name the words that end in BLING?

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Songbird's forte
Supplying with the means or opportunity
Nonsensical talk
Horse lodging
Falling into small pieces
Making shoes
Preparing eggs for an omelette
Multiplying by two
Killing a law or bill
Handling clumsily
Welling up, like water
Taking calculated risks
One kind of duck
A blow to one's pride
Mixing up, like letters in a word
Connecting computers
Moving up and down. like a doll's head
Walking at an easy, relaxed pace
Distorting sound or speech
Indistinct speech
Flashy gold jewelry
Bickering over trifles
Walking in an unsteady or lazy manner
Like distant thunder
Turkey call
Roaming or wandering, like Rose
Rolling, like dice
Prolonged complaining
Brother or sister

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