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QUIZ: Can you name the words and names that end in ARD?

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Protect from harm or theft
Kind of operating procedure
Gandalf, e. g.
Lute-strumming poet?
Kind of sword or file
Resident of Madrid
Bakery filling
Famed performing arts academy
Tarot, business, or playing ____
Chin whiskers
California city and college
Jazz trumpeter Ferguson
Kind of ball
Depardieu of films
Beatle's Eiffel tower climbing fish?
TV Duke's fictional county
KIng, Poor, or Little follower
Common duck
Trekker Jean-Luc
Dragon's golden bed?
Detected sound
Whistle necklace
Crisco alternative
Assail from a distance
Modern dancers attire
Father of rocketry, Robert H.
36 inches
He can't change his spots
Hospital section
A-Team actor, George
Wild cherry or bloke's noggin
Supress the growth of
Senile one
Nautical rope
Trekker McCoy, or actor Nimoy
Small sign
Swiss green?
Gecko, iguana, or monitor, e. g.
Shattered piece
Snow storm
Fire, water, or traffic follower
Vietnamese hill people
Great Scott?
In that direction
30s Actress Carole
Semi-precious stone
Dolt or dimwit
Worse for wear, unkempt
French sheepdog
British playwright, Tom
A pruned tree
Area of short grass

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