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Can you name the words that end in ANG?

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Astronauts drink it
Voiced a melody
Last Airbender, or film director Lee
Caribbean musical style
Bring, brought, ...
Metallic noise
The whole...
Variation of a mild expletive
Ford sports car
Serpent tooth
Missile that returns
Group of thugs, friends, or workers
Tolkien legendary giant, with a mountainous neck?
Suspend from rope
Banjo sound
Kodos partner
Edible sea cucumbers
Everybody ... Chung Tonight
Singer k.d., or fictional boxer Clubber...
Sail-rigging rope
Jungle Book bat
Sturm und...
Ache of hunger or regret
Turin Turambar's talking sword
Sting, Stung, ...
Ground-dwelling primate
Used the bell
Tennis star Michael...
DOUBLE BONUS: Drive-by shooting, e. g.

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