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SpainAlthough the Finns coined the term later, Spain was the first to use these petrol bombs
Scotland (UK)The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds had these kind of eyes
SwitzerlandFor kids who can’t tie their shoes
IndiaAlice in Wonderland’s caterpillar was a fan
NetherlandsTurns out, Galileo’s wasn’t the first
CanadaA fruity alternative to the iPhone
GreeceA form of government derived from “rule of the people”
ChinaMary Poppins “Let’s Go Fly a ____”
JapanA college student’s main food group
HungaryIconic ‘80s toy of different colored squares
NorwayWithout this invention, the musical Hairspray could never be
England (UK)Wall-e used this protective device to propel himself through space
GermanyThe Mascot for Travelocity
USAAlso known as “witches hats,” they often come in safety orange
MexicoA delicious drink often served with marshmallows or churros
RussiaJeweled luxury gift reminiscent of the Easter bunny
ItalyA 'grand' stringed instrument
AustraliaMaggie Griffin loves to say “Tip It” while drinking this
Egypt/Iraq/IranThe Royal Game of Ur was a historic predecessor to this type of 2-player board game
FranceHelen Keller’s books were written in this

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