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Can you name the famous russian people pictured?

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Forced Order
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1Communist Revolutionary, 1870-1924
2Writer, 1821-1881
3Cosmonaut, 1934-1968
4Businessman, 1966-
5Physiologist, 1849-1936
6Former Tennis World Number 1, 1974-
7Composer, 1882-1971
8Ruler, 1672-1725
9Chess Grandmaster, 1963-
10Soviet Leader, 1931-
11Writer, 1828-1910
12Ruler, 1868-1918
13NBA Basketball Player, 1981-
14Poet, 1799-1837
15Composer, 1840-1893
16Ruler, 1729-1796
17Football Player, 1981-
18Writer, 1890-1960
19President, 1952-
20Former Tennis World Number 1, 1987-
21Short Story Writer,1860-1904
22Former NHL Hockey Player, 1969-
23Ruler, 1530-1584
24Writer and Socialist Activist, 1868-1936

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