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Forced Order
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A tiny robot that loves to push you around.
One-eyed, small, friendly Martians.
Not-so-one-eyed, not-so-small, not-so-friendly Martians.
Bigger robots, that may shoot you.
This one could also pass for a hazard, bites you if you get too close.
The least powerful members of the titular alien race.
Purple floating robot, equipped with laser.
Small red robot that can help you with your climbing.
Members of the titular race - this time even weaker.
Also members of the dog-like alien race, not yet adults.
Fierce warriors - only dressed in pink and afraid to jump in the dark.
New wardrobe, easier to kill, still looks like a dog.
Ogre-like body, sharp teeth, breathes fire - what a woman!
Jumping around, dressed in black. Japanese culture seems to be popular around the whole galaxy.
Cute, yellow creatures you can kill with a single touch.
A legendary monster, based on a real life legendary monster, used for transportation though.
Possible Martian Idol dropouts, their deadly song will literally take your breath away.
These yellow creatures leave their goo around and sleep in the ground.
Bouncing and annoying, happy-go-lucky creatures. You may enlist them to get that one drop up high.
These flying creatures will show you that you had another weapon with you all along.
Looks like breathing fire is quite common around the galaxy. These blue creatures are fast to move and fast to burn you.
If you think these small creatures are useless, you've never been to THAT pyramid.
Lurking around the icy regions, these invincible monsters attack from above.
Oh, and there are these guys to attack you from below. At least you can stun them. With some pro timing.
If it looks like a rock, walks like a rock, and kills like a rock, then it probably is a...
He didn't start the fire. He IS the fire!
Small fish that'll follow you, even if it's a bad idea.
These sinister-looking, mysterious underwater creatures are actually easy to pass by.
A cloud that shoots thunder. Synonyms would be awesome...
These monsters look too crazy to even get stunned. You can pass under them, however. 1, 2, 3...
They eat your extra lives and gems. Then disappear before you could get your sweet revenge.
Big. Hungry. Famous. Dumb. Lives in a well. You know you know it.
Fast, invincible, spider-like monsters, from the sunny Sand Yego.
These big gray robots will chase after you immediately.
You're not the only one who can climb poles anymore. At least these robots are harmless on the ground.
They just fly around, waiting for you to temporarily stop them. I'm sure they are related to the stars from Jazz Jackrabbit.
Snowflakes have never been so scary. Nuff said.
These are more like hazards, bouncing up and down cluelessly. They can even be trapped under platforms.
She may be small, but explodes like no one else.
Keen keeps an alien, aliens keep dogs. Alien dogs.
With only an eye and an arm, I wonder what the purpose of this creature's existence is. Probably to kill you. Nothing else.
These big robot guards will shoot at anything. They will even shoot at nothing. Best workforce ever.
A big orb. It's also what it should be called. You're not this lucky though.
Weird energy beings, who like to explode galaxies. Getting arrested for double-parking would be embarrassing.
Space Scots who live in skyscrapers. Yup, this game makes no sense, whatsoever.
Black explosives who will cause the inevitable decline of their inventors.
The most powerful of its race, the leader of his army, the final boss in the game. Also, the one you haven't named yet.
Big, green, dumb, hungry aliens. Resemble birds and cyclopses.
Local children who come in four colors. They are so happy to get stunned, they will give you a gem.
Club-wielding locals of Fribbulus Xax. I don't really get why they have a different name though. If they can't hit you, they'll hit the ground.
Large, invincible, fire-spitting, worm-like creatures.
Less large, less invincible, less fire-spitting, still worm-like.
Yellow big-toothed creatures who will stun you with your own weapon. Kinda mean.
Happy, purple guys who live in the ceiling and kill you with their lethal licks. Best. Description. Ever.
Awesome looking light blue monsters with many eyes and matching sunglasses. Not sure who in their right mind would manufacture those.
Tiny yellow people who control various devices.
Like, flying saucers, for example.
It looks like everybody is hungry on this planet. This ugly purple guy is aggressive enough to get sandwich eventually.
If you see it running towards you, there is no point in running. Just shoot it down, before it impales you on its large spike.
If you see it running towards you, there is no point in running. Just accept you fate and rest in peace. Or try to ride on it. Whatever.
Seriously, what are these? How are big, red floating blobs supposed to live? You don't have to answer this question, just name this living anomaly.
Okay, these were definitely created only to kill you. With two wings, a single eye and their strange appearance, they are my favorite design in the whole series.

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