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Birthplace of seven presidents as well as Neil Armstrong and Steven Spielberg11,536,504
Nation's seventh largest state and site of Area 51.2,700,551
Home to the famous Mount Rushmore.814,180
Nation's fifth smallest state, shares a border with Canada.1,316,470
This state produces 1/3 of the world's pineapples. It also has its own time zone that it shares with no other state.1,360,301
In the year 1890, this state's population was 25% Native American. This state's capital includes the state name.3,751,351
Home to first zoo, computer, and baseball stadium12,702,379
NBA Hall of Fame coach/player Phil Jackson attended high school here. Borders Canada. 672,591
The light bulb was introduced in this state, which also holds the oldest continuously held horse race in the country. 4,339,367
Lebanon is the geographical center of the U.S2,853,118
Has six cities with populations above 600,00025,145,561
Birthplace of basketball and home of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame6,547,629
This state borders 8 others and is home to the nation's most visited national park.6,346,105
Home to Wal-Mart headquarters, state bird is mockingbird2,915,918
Over half of the Civil War battles were fought here. Over half of the nation's residents live within 500 miles of this state's capital.8,001,024
Home to McDonalds headquarters.12,830,632
The country's leading coal producer and home to first national park.563,626
Until 1996, this was the only state without a Wal-Mart. Its capital remains the only one without a McDonalds. Largest U.S supplier of maple syrup.625,741
Over 1/3 of this state's land is owned by the federal government. The world's first rodeo was held here. 5,029,196
Includes the largest county in the United States37,253,596
8th state and site of the first Civil War battle at Ft. Sumter.4,625,634
This state ranks first in percentage of area made up of water9,883,640
One of two states without self-serve gas stations and the location of Nike, Inc. headquarters.3,831,074
Last of the contiguous 48 states to join the nation6,392,017
Smallest state, 1/3 of this state is water.1,052,567
HintAnswer2010 Population
Home to the nation's largest lake other than the Great Lakes. Home to one NBA team.2,763,885
'Gateway to the West' and first slave state to free its slaves5,988,927
Home to the most visited mall in the world.5,303,925
Birthplace of Elvis Presley. A Southern state.2,967,297
Rather than counties, this state has parishes.4,533,372
14th largest U.S state, famous for its potatoes.1,567,582
The first state. Also the second smallest.897,934
Birthplace of Herbert Hoover, first president born west of the Mississippi.3,046,355
Home to the first hamburger (1895), Polaroid camera (1934), helicopter (1939), and color television (1948).3,574,097
Largest state, least densely populated. 425 times larger than smallest state! 'Last Frontier'710,231
The nation's fourth largest state, has more species of mammals than any other state.989,415
The most densely populated state in the nation and home to the first baseball game.8,791,894
This state's streams and rivers stretch a total of 26,767 miles, enough to circle the globe at the equator.5,686,986
This state's name means 'Land of the Indians'.6,483,802
Universities in this state have combined for 37 NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four appearances.9,535,483
Only one of the contiguous 48 states to border only one state. 90% of the nation's lobster is caught here.1,328,361
Birthplace of Babe Ruth and the National Anthem, with 4,431 miles of tidal shoreline5,773,552
Largest Italian-American population in the United States19,378,102
This state has the nation's oldest median age (40). Nicknamed the 'Mountain State', 75% of it is covered by forests.1,852,994
The first rocket to put humans on the moon was built in this state.4,779,736
Lowest water-land ratio of all the states. 1/3 of this state's residents speak Spanish at home.2,059,179
This state has more miles of river than any other and is where the 911 concept was first used.1,826,341
Largest state east of the Mississippi River9,687,653
Home of the Microsoft Corporation and state where Starbucks was founded.6,724,540
Home to the oldest city in the United States (St. Augustine)18,801,310

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