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Main Character Of LA Noire
Known For Defeating The Likes Of Cutman And Quickman
Main Protagonist Of Gears Of War
Enemies Of Isaac Clarke
Ellen Page In Beyond Two Souls
Tiger And Master In Dead Rising 2
Master Dinosaur Fighter
Final Boss Of Super Smash Bros
'Tiny' Female in Borderland 2 Who Had Her Own DLC
What Is The City In Dishonored
Protagonist Of Bioshock Infinite
Final Battle In Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Z
Best Friend Of Franklin Clinton
Who Was Redhood In Batman Arkham Origins
Who Was The Final Boss In Lego Marvel Superheros
What Is Your Name In Bioshock
2010 Xbox 360 Exclusive Where You Fight The Taken In Bright Falls
Ellie's Best Friend In The Last Of Us
Alcoholic Squirrel In A Nintendo 64 Game
Heavy Set 'King' In Mike Tysons Punch-Out

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