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Mamodo Spells Number Of Spells
Zatch Bell1st Spell
Zatch Bell2nd Spell
Zatch Bell3rd Spell
Zatch Bell 4th Spell
Zatch Bell5th Spell
Zatch Bell6th Spell
Zatch Bell 7th Spell
Zatch Bell8th Spell
Zatch Bell 9th Spell
Zatch Bell10th Spell
Zatch Bell11th Spell
Zatch Bell The Strongest Spell
Brago1st Spell
Brago2nd Spell
Brago3rd Spell
Brago4th Spell
Brago 5th Spell
Brago6th Spell
Brago7th Spell
Brago8th Spell
Brago9th Spell
Brago10th Spell
Brago 11th Spell
BragoThe Strongest Spell
Clear Note1st Spell
Clear Note 2nd Spell
Clear Note3rd Spell
Clear Note 4th Spell
Clear Note5th Spell
Clear Note6th Spell
Clear Note7th Spell
Clear Note8th Spell
Clear Note 9th Spell
Clear Note10th Spell
Clear Note11th Spell
Clear Note The Strongest Spell
Ponygon1st Spell
Ponygon 2nd Spell
Ponygon3rd Spell
PonygonThe Strongest Spell
Tia1st Spell
Tia2nd Spell
Tia3rd Spell
Tia4th Spell
Tia5th Spell
Tia6th Spell
Tia7th Spell
Tia8th Spell
TiaThe Strongest Spell
Goomu1st Spell
Goomu2nd Spell
Goomu3rd Spell
Goomu4th Spell
Goomu5th Spell
GoomuThe Strongest Spell
Kanchome 1st Spell
Kanchome2nd Spell
Kanchome3rd Spell
Kanchome4th Spell
Kanchome5th Spell
Kanchome 6th Spell
KanchomeThe Strongest Spell
Purio1st Spell
Purio2nd Spell
Purio3rd Spell
Purio4th Spell
Purio5th Spell
Purio6th Spell
Purio7th Spell
Purio8th Spell
PurioThe Strongest Spell
Ashuron1st Spell
Ashuron2nd Spell
Ashuron3rd Spell
Ashuron 4th Spell
Ashuron5th Spell
Ashuron6th Spell
Ashuron7th Spell
Ashuron 8th Spell
AshuronThe Strongest Spell
Arth1st Spell
Arth2nd Spell
Arth3rd Spell
Arth4th Spell
Arth5th Spell
Arth6th Spell
Arth7th Spell
Arth8th Spell
Arth9th Spell
Arth10th Spell
Arth11th Spell
ArthThe Strongest Spell
Zeno Bell1st Spell
Zeno Bell 2nd Spell
Zeno Bell3rd Spell
Zeno Bell 4th Spell
Zeno Bell 5th Spell
Zeno Bell 6th Spell
Zeno Bell 7th Spell
Zeno Bell 8th Spell
Mamodo Spells Number Of Spells
Zeno Bell 9th Spell
Zeno Bell The Strongest Spell
Elzador1st Spell
Elzador 2nd Spell
Bari 1st Spell
Bari2nd Spell
Bari3rd Spell
Bari4th Spell
Bari5th Spell
Bari6th Spell
Bari7th Spell
Bari8th Spell
Bari9th Spell
Bari 10th Spell
BariThe Strongest Spell
Bago1st Spell
Bago2nd Spell
Bago3rd Spell
Bago4th Spell
Baltro 1st Spell
Baltro 2nd Spell
Byonko1st Spell
Byonko 2nd Spell
Byonko 3rd Spell
Byonko 4th Spell
Byonko The Strongest Spell
Cut N Paste 1st Spell
Cut N Paste 2nd Spell
Cut N Paste 3rd Spell
Cut N Paste 4th Spell
Cut N Paste5th Spell
Cut N Paste The Strongest Spell
Danny 1st Spell
Donpoccho 1st Spell
Eshros1st Spell
Eshros2nd Spell
Eshros3rd Spell
Eshros 4th Spell
Eshros5th Spell
Eshros6th Spell
Eshros7th Spell
Eshros The Strongest Spell
Fein 1st Spell
Fein 2nd Spell
Fein 3rd Spell
Fein 4th Spell
Fein The Strongest Spell
Fein 6th Spell
Furigaro1st Spell
Furigaro2nd Spell
Furigaro3rd Spell
Furigaro4th Spell
Gofure1st Spell
Gofure2nd Spell
Grisor 1st Spell
Grisor2nd Spell
Grisor3rd Spell
Grisor4th Spell
Grisor 5th Spell
Grisor 6th Spell
Grisor The Strongest Spell
Hyde 1st Spell
Hyde 2nd Spell
Hyde 3rd Spell
Hyde4th Spell
Hyde5th Spell
Hyde The Strongest Spell
Karudio1st Spell
Karudio2nd Spell
Karudio 3rd Spell
Karudio 4th Spell
Kido1st Spell
Kido2nd Spell
Kido3rd Spell
Kido4th Spell
Kido 5th Spell
Kido6th Spell
Kido 7th Spell
Kido8th Spell
Kido9th Spell
Kido10th Spell
Kido The Strongest Spell
Kikuropu1st Spell
Kikuropu2nd Spell
Kikuropu3rd Spell
Kikuropu4th Spell
Koral Q1st Spell
Koral Q2nd Spell
Koral Q 3rd Spell
Koral Q4th Spell
Koral Q5th Spell
Koral Q 6th Spell
Koral Q7th Spell
Koral Q 8th Spell
Maestro 1st Spell
Maestro2nd Spell
Maestro3rd Spell
Maestro 4th Spell
Maestro 5th Spell
Maestro 6th Spell
Mamodo Spells Number Of Spells
Maestro7th Spell
MaestroThe Strongest Spell
Majirou1st Spell
Majirou 2nd Spell
Maruss1st Spell
Maruss2nd Spell
Maruss 3rd Spell
MarussThe Strongest Spell
Momon1st Spell
Momon2nd Spell
Momon3rd Spell
Momon4th Spell
Momon 5th Spell
Momon 6th Spell
Pokkerio 1st Spell
Pokkerio2nd Spell
Pokkerio 3rd Spell
Rein1st Spell
Rein2nd Spell
Rein 3rd Spell
Rein The Strongest Spell
Reycom1st Spell
Reycom 2nd Spell
Robnos1st Spell
Robnos2nd Spell
Rops1st Spell
Rops 2nd Spell
Rops The Strongest Spell
Sugino 1st Spell
Sugino 2nd Spell
Sugino 3rd Spell
Sugino 4th Spell
Sugino 5th Spell
Sugino 6th Spell
Ted1st Spell
Ted2nd Spell
Ted 3rd Spell
Ted 4th Spell
Ted 5th Spell
Ted 6th Spell
Ted The Strongest Spell
Wonrei1st Spell
Wonrei2nd Spell
Wonrei 3rd Spell
Wonrei4th Spell
Wonrei 5th Spell
Wonrei 6th Spell
Wonrei 7th Spell
Wonrei 8th Spell
Wonrei 9th Spell
Wonrei 10th Spell
Wonrei 11th Spell
Wonrei12th Spell
Wonrei The Strongest Spell
Yopopo1st Spell
Yopopo2nd Spell
YopopoThe Strongest Spell
Zabas 1st Spell
Zabas2nd Spell
Zoboron1st Spell
Zoboron2nd Spell
Zofis 1st Spell
Zofis2nd Spell
Zofis3rd Spell
Zofis 4th Spell
Zofis 5th Spell
Zofis 6th Spell
Zofis7th Spell
Zofis The Strongest Spell
Baransha1st Spell
Baransha 2nd Spell
Baransha3rd Spell
Baransha 4th Spell
Baransha5th Spell
Cherish1st Spell
Cherish2nd Spell
Cherish3rd Spell
Cherish 4th Spell
Cherish5th Spell
Cherish 6th Spell
Cherish7th Spell
Cherish The Strongest Spell
Kolulu1st Spell
Kolulu2nd Spell
KoluluThe Strongest Spell
Nya 1st Spell
Nya 2nd Spell
Nya 3rd Spell
Nya4th Spell
Penny1st Spell
Penny2nd Spell
Penny 3rd Spell
Penny 4th Spell
Penny 5th Spell
Penny6th Spell
Penny7th Spell
Penny 8th Spell
Penny9th Spell
PennyThe Strongest Spell

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