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Can you name the Facts about the Life and Career of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon?

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his middle name
State where he was born
State where he was raised
City where he currently lives
car number
age he began racing
type of ___-midget cars he began racing in
won Rookie of The Year Award in this series in 1991.
the year he joined the Busch series
Busch series owner he drove for
set this rookie record for most number of these, in the Busch Series
Busch Series sponsor for 1991
Busch Series 'nougat' sponsor in 1992
location of first Winston Cup race in 1992
Cup series owner he currently drives for
won this award in first full year of Cup series
his first ever Cup race was this famous driver's final race
first longtime Cup crew chief
name of the race where he earned his first career Cup victory in Charlotte, NC.
won this 1994 inaugural race at Indianapolis
number of NASCAR championships won
fir$t and only driver to ever reach thi$ amount in total winning$
total number of Cup wins to date
In 1997, he was the youngest driver in history to win this famous race.
In 1997, he had a million reasons to become the second and final driver to win this 'grand clam' concept payout award program.
his second Cup crew chief
longtime nickname given to his pit crew based on prior paint scheme of car
many people consider this driver to have 'passed the torch' to Gordon.
has won this famous race three times
most number of wins in a season
In 1998, he was named one of NASCAR'S '50 ___ ___ '
name of first wife
name of primary Cup sponsor his entire career
Inducted into this 'tiny' National __ Auto Racing Hall of Fame.
he is only one of five drivers ever (in any series) to have four victories at this historic track
number of times he won the All-Star race
name of his second wife
name of daughter
he is the car co-owner of this teammate
consired a master at these specific kinds of Cup races
his third and current Cup crew chief
his 1997 experimental All-Star car had this 'extinct' hit movie sponsor on it
the only track he hasn't won a Cup race on
morning tv talk show he has guest-hosted ten times.
first NASCAR driver to host this famous weekend variety show

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