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enter in arabic characters with no spaces, the circle of fifths from 1 to 1(example 123451)
the sixth degree of the B locrian mode is (enter letter name followed by quality (flat, natural or sharp))
in roman numerals with spaces, start with I and follow with a pre-dominant chord leading to dominant and finally write a submediant chord (eg. I II III IV V)
The chord quality of the chord based on the third degree of the harmonic minor scale is:
This scale has six different tones and is often heard from the impressionist period
'Developing variation' was first coined by this composer
The sonata form is a more developed version of this simple three-part form
The French Six chord is based off of this scale degree in the major/ionian mode (give quality then arabic scale degree eg. flat 1, or sharp 2)
spell an Italian sixth chord in G major (i.e. A flat C sharp E natural)
Freebie, Spell a C major triad (example: A C E)

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