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What was the name of Joseph Bruces, Joe Ustlers, and John Ustlers first ever group?
What was John Ustlers called in Inner City Posse?
Who took John's spot in ICP?
On the 1st Jokers Card, who was paid to produce the track titled 'Carnival Of Carnage' but messed it up?
What Detriot rapper was at ICP's first ever autograph signning to attract more people?
How many copies of Carnival Of Carnage where bought on its release date?
During what song in concert did Violent J address the crowd as Juggalo's?
Who came up with the album art for Beverly Kills 50187?
According to one of ICP's early newsletters, what was the name of Shaggy 2 Dope's first ever solo album, supposed to be called?
What was the name of the song/tape that was given away at the very first Hallowicked in?
What tape was given away on April 7th and April 8th in 1995, at the Mental Warp shows at the Ritz in Roseville, Michigan?
What is the name of the record company that put out The Riddle Box?
This was the first city ICP ever promoted out of Michigan with actual street teams?

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