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The silent protagonist must go kill Ganon to save the princess by traveling through time.
Warriors are all looking for the magical sword that will destroy all their enemies.
This more 2-D take on RPG's takes a video game icon and makes him search for his princess.
The Combine have invaded and it's up to Gordon and Alyx to save the Earth.
Alduin is back and the dragons have invaded Tamriel's snowy province once more.
A ten-year-old gets a small monster pet and kills... I mean faints, other peoples' monster pets for money.
Samas Aran is sent to a ship in space to investigate what happened, and finds herself struggling to survive.
James McCloud's legacy is sent to Venom to destroy Andross and save the Lylat galaxy.
The Queen of Blades and her Zerg forces are attempting to conquer the universe.
Frustated aviaries need to get their eggs back!
A robotic mastermind traps the protagonist in test chambers, which she must complete to get the 'cake.'
The Dark Knight is sent into this establishment to put down the Joker once again.
Cole is involved in a gigantic explosion and needs to use his electric powers to stop the new gangs and violence in the city.
Solid Snake uses his stealth and shooting to take down the enemy.
Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis try to make it to the government facility while fighting off zombies.
After getting chased by hellhounds, the protagonists make it into a zombie-infested mansion.
NinTen and his friends make a desperate attempt to put down the evil Porky.
The red-hatted protagonist is invited to his lovely lady's house for some cake, but she is kidnapped by an oversized turtle.
Earth is forced to send their best fighters into a tournament against other realms to see if they get to live.
Gruntilda has stolen Tooty to steal her beauty, and the bear and bird must save her!
Faith, as a Runner, delivers messages across the city by using parkour.
After China attacks the U.S.A. with a nuclear bomb, you are sent out of the vault to get water.
Taboo is attempting to make all the fighters into trophies, while characters from different game series join to fight the evil.
The Collector is at it now, and you and your sackfriend must defeat his puzzles and minions to save this land.
Zakhaev, the leader of Russian forces, started an uprising against the Soviet Union and Price, Soap, and Nikolai must stop him.
John Marston avenges his family by trying to kill the gang who killed them.
The Covenant are trying to use the giant space rings as weapons of mass destruction against Earth.
The protagonist must use the enemies' abilities to his advantage in killing all the robot masters to defeat Dr. Wily.
A man goes to a tropical island to bring down a dictator, mostly using his epic grappling hook.
A partying group of young adults find themselves kidnapped, and the one escapee must kill the human traffickers and find his friends.

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