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Gears of War (2006-)A member of COG and the best friend of Marcus Fenix, this visually tough and brooding character's battle intensity is matched only by his loyalty, and is even known for his sense of humor and can crack a joke every now and then.
Mario (1985-)While he may be the younger of the two plumber brothers, this character has proven his worth by being a loyal companion for years, he's even got more height and can jump higher than the game's titular hero.
BioShock Infinite (2013)An intelligent, quick-witted, and immensely powerful young woman, this orphaned individual comes to the aid of Booker DeWitt as the two attempt to escape the Floating City of Columbia.
Ratchet & Clank (2002-)Also known as 'XJ-0461', this small Sentry-Bot is the long-time best friend of the game's main hero, and can usually be seen traveling with him via Back-Ride.
Banjo-Kazooie (1998-)A snarky bird who's been known to throw and insult at everyone and everything she sees, she's the perfect balance when compared to her companion's laid back and apologetic personality.
Double Dragon (1987-)The older brother of Billy Lee, this skilled fighter helps Billy fight through hoards of Black Warriors in order to rescue his brother's Love Interest, Marian.
Sonic the Hedgehog (1991-)An 8 to 11 year old fox, this young genius has a 300 I.Q. and is able to fly both a Plane and by himself with his two tails, and looks up to his hero Sonic like a Brother.
Jak and Daxter (2001-)A somewhat snappy but loyal ottsel who serves as both a comic relief but also an equal hero to the game's main hero Jak in some respects.
Metal Gear (1987-)A chief engineer and close friend to Solid Snake, this 38-Year old can sometimes be heard contacting Snake advice and information and is a huge admirer of Japanese Anime.
Halo (2001-)An A.I. often used by the SPARTANs, despite being an artificial space vixen, this majestic individual is also capable of having her own feelings and desires as well.
Half-Life 2 (2004)A prominent role in the resistance against the combine, this young woman is a smart Hacker who's also skilled with a pistol, and normally keeps a friendly nature among those around her.
Uncharted (2007-)An American treasure hunter, fortune seeker, and business man, this middle-aged acts as a father figure to Nathan Drake and is known for his sarcastic remarks but unmatched loyalty, even if he has a history of being somewhat of a backstabber.
Portal (2007)A non-sentient cube designed for the task of weighing down buttons and other devices during the testing of Aperture's Portal Guns, while not the most talkative sidekick, this box-like object is your only buddy you can rely on in this abandoned facility.
Fallout 4 (2015)A faithful and loyal German Shepard capable of picking up scents from miles away, and is also implied to be a relative of dogs from the series' previous installments who all share the same name.
Donkey Kong (1981-)The nephew of Donkey Kong and the boyfriend of Dixie Kong, this young ape is armed with a Jet-Pack and a Coconut Gun that can fire in spurts, if he shoots ya' it's gonna hurt.
The Walking Dead (2012)A young child found by College Professor and fugitive Lee Everett who he takes into his care during a Zombie Apocalypse, despite being young and light-hearted, this little girl has also proven to be skilled with a gun from a very early age and has since became the series titular protagonist.
The Last of Us (2013)A 14 year old girl who's one of the only known survivors immune to the fugal plague that washed out most of the United States, despite her young age, she's a skilled fighter and is somewhat of a daughter figure to the game's main protagonist Joel.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006)A mysterious pot-bellied Imp creature who was cursed and overthrown by one of her subjects and seeks the help of the Hero who appears in the form of a blue-eyed beast.
Borderlands (2009-)An overly-enthusiastic robot who speaks with a foul-mouth and arrogant remarks, despite this he manages to be a worthy alye thanks to both his brain and brawn in fighting and scanning.
Mega Man (1987-)A robotic dog created by Dr. Light to assist the series' hero Mega Man, he is able to transform into many things, including a spring, a hover board, and a submarine.
Prince of Persia (1989-)The daughter of the Mourning King and the Princess of Ahura, this woman is tasked with guarding the tree of life, but also proves herself to be a worthy adversary by staying by your side for a majority of the game.
Sam & Max (1993-)A white rabbit, or Lagomorph, who's the partner of Sam and a member of the freelance police, known to be violent and impulsive and prefers to handle problems aggressively.
Punch-Out!! (1987-)An ex-heavyweight boxing champion who now works as the personal trainer to Little Mac, often giving him tips before and during his matches.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (2014)A group of small cat-like creatures that can be recruited to help aid you in battle.
Crash Bandicoot (1996-)The spirit of a witch doctor who now resides in a wooden mask that guides Crash and his friends throughout most of the games, his good-hearted nature and obedience makes him a good companion to have.
Titanfall (2014-)A Titan who forms a close bond with Jack Cooper, and is a fully-sentient and loyal companion through and through.
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (2010)A civilized warrior who relies on both her wits and intelligence to survive, she's also skilled at reprogramming and uses her technological knowledge to her and her partner's advantage while in battle.
The Last Guardian (2016)A large hybridized beast who acts as both a steed and close friend to the game's unnamed hero, both strong and fierce, the two look after each other from beginning to end.
Shadow of the Colossus (2005)A black horse who helps aid Wander during his quest to defeat the Colossus, this noble steed is loyal to the end, which is especially evidenced by his sacrifice.
Mass Effect (2007-)One of the many likable teammates of the Mass Effect series, this Turian is loyal and skilled with military training, and has become a fan favorite among many players.

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