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i'm [song title] to take a stand everybody come take my hand we'll walk this road togetherRecovery
this looks like a job for me so everybody come and follow me cause we need a little controversyThe Eminem Show
[song title] let your body waddle don't act like a snobby model you just hit the lotto Relapse
you better [song title] in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go8 Mile
it's a little too late to say that your sorry no you kicked me when i was downRecovery
i'm gonna make you dance it's your chance yah boy shake that ass whoops i mean girl, girl girl girl now you know your my worldEncore
i am whatever you say i am if i wasn't why would i say i am in the news the paper everyday i am The Marshall Mathers LP
these voices these voices i hear them and when i hear them i follow i followSlim Shady lp
250,000 miles in a clear night in june and im aiming right at you right at youRecovery
hey mom i never meant to hurt you i never meant to make you cry and now i'm [song title]The Eminem Show
lets get down to [song title] i aint got no time to play around what is this must be a circus in town lets shut this **** down on these clowns can i get a witness hell yeahThe Eminem Show
too late for the other side caught in a chase (song title)Recovery
you know you wanna go cause when you're hot its like you're burning and everyone else is coldRecovery
sometimes it feels like the worlds on my shoulders everyones leaning on meeeeeeee some times it feels like the worlds almost oveeeer then she comes back to meeeeeeeThe Eminem Show
when my flow starts i compose art like the ghost of mozart even though they all say that there real i know that most arentRelapse
ima a [song title] these shoulders hold up so much they wont budge or even fall or fold up ima [song title] even if my collar bones crush or crumble i will never slip or stumbleThe Eminem Show

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