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The lower jaw in mammals is comprised of a single bone, the ___________.
A _________ was a carnivorous marsupial native to Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea that was driven to extinction by humans in the 20th century.
A feeding behavior defined by the consumption of ants is called ____________.
_________ is a social system involving reproductive division of labor and cooperative rearing of young, as in bees and naked mole rats.
Birds evolved from this group of dinosaurs, called _________, a suborder of bipedal saurischian dinosaurs.
The ____________ vertebrae are the most anterior vertebrae, numbering 7 in most mammals.
The gap between incisors and cheek teeth in rodents is a called a _________.
In __________, the gestation time is short and the lactation period long.
The ___________ are a clade of tetrapod vertebrates that have a terrestrially adapted egg.
A ___________ is a member of a group of animal including snakes, lizards and tuatara.

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