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QUIZ: Can you name the characters in 'Dog Sees God'?

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Peanuts Character EquivilentCharacterQuote
Charlie Brown'What do you think happens to pets when they die?'
Sally Brown'Metamorphosis. Transformation. Evolution. Change. Evolution. Change. Changing evolution!'
Linus'Hey you know what would be the perfect revenge? If you had sex with your brother's best friend.'
Pig-pen'Sorry you came all this way buddy, but you're going to have to turn around and follow the breadcrumbs back to that little house of yours.'
Schroeder'I'm kind of, like, going through this Chopin phase.'
Peppermint Patty'Excuse me, Mr Von Pfefferkorn, but just because I can't define metaphor doesn't mean I don't know what one is, you stupid buttwad!'
Marcie'How about 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness'?'
Lucy'You're a homo, CB!!!!'

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