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Can you answer the A-Z questions about the Dutch colony in North America, New Netherland?

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This Dutch city was in control of New Amstel, a colony within New Netherland.A
The fur of this animal was one of the main reasons for starting the colony.B
This fort was constructed on the west bank of what is now the Delaware River.C
The first lawyer in New Netherland and a politcal leader among the colonists.D
New Netherland was eventually captured by this country.E
This petition to the Director for religious freedom is considered a precursor to the Bill of Rights.F
Named Noten Eylant (Nut Island) by the Dutch, this island is now known by this name.G
This English captain explored much of the river that is now named after him, laying the foundation for the colony.H
The Dutch mainly traded with the Mohawk People, a part of this Confederacy.I
This Dutch honorific title was the root for the name of Yonkers.J
This Director came into conflict with the Lenape in a war named after him.K
This island was split between Dutch and English settlers and was sometimes called Nassau Island.L
Peter Minuit purchased this island in exchange for goods worth sixty guilders.M
This foreign colony was captured by the last Director of New Netherland.N
This fort was the first permanent Dutch settlement. Today, it's the location of Albany, New York.O
Invested members were granted large tracts of land and this title, allowing them manorial rights and privileges.P
The last Director came into conflict with settlers of this religion.Q
This family, which produced two U.S. presidents, was among the first settlers of New Netherland.R
The last Director of New Netherland.S
This American plant was also used as currency.T
New Netherland was located in what is now this modern-day country.U
Flushing was named after this Dutch city.V
This company was in charge of the New Netherland colony.W
After its capture by another country, New Amsterdam was named after this Duke.Y
This river was later named the Delaware River.Z

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