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QUIZ: Can you fill in the words that are related to both The Lord of the Rings and Christmas?

Quiz Updated Dec 23, 2015

Forced Order
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Lord of the RingsAnswerChristmas
Amon Sûl, ____topThe ____ Outside is Frightful
____beardO Christmas ____
____ for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone____ Swans a-Swimming
The ____ Towers____ Turtle Doves
One ____ to rule them allFive gold ____s
The ____ Tree of GondorI'm Dreaming of a ____ Christmas
____ for Mortal Men doomed to die____ Ladies Dancing
The Witch-____ of AngmarGood ____ Wenceslas
Sammath Naur, the ____s of DoomThe Nut____er
The Arkenstone, the Heart of the ____Go Tell It on the ____
Elrond Half-____He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old ____
The Great ____ of ThráinDeck the ____s
Gondolin, Hidden ____Jingle Bell ____
____ for the Dark Lord on his dark throne____ Wish (for Christmas)
Arwen ____nstarChristmas ____
Legolas ____leaf____ Chri$tma$
____grin 'Pippin' Took____ Noël
____ Rings for the Elven-kings under the skyI Saw ____ Ships
____ that is gold does not glitter.____ I Want for Christmas Is You
____ of EärendilThe ____ of Bethlehem
The Last Alliance of Elves and ____As With Gladness, ____ of Old
Meriadoc '____' BrandybuckWe Wish You a ____ Christmas
Rivendell, the ____ Homely House____ Christmas
The ____ Gate of Mordor____ Friday
Hobbits, the ____ FolkThe ____ Drummer Boy

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