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Proposal State % Correct
This US territory recently voted for statehood.Puerto Rico
After the Spanish-American War this Caribbean island was considered for statehood.Cuba
The people of this federal district, housing the US government, voted for statehood several times. District of Columbia
Shortly after World War II, the U.S. Congress considered offering statehood to this Nordic island.Iceland
Several times has the largest US city attempted to become a state.New York City
One US senator thought it would be a good idea to reunite with the US's former colonizer and add its neighbor.United Kingdom & Ireland
After World War II the US offered to buy this island, but Denmark wasn't selling.Greenland
Several proposals were named for the third US president. Most recently in Northern California and Southern Oregon.Jefferson
Michigan's Upper Peninsula would have joined with parts of Wisconsin in this proposal named after one of the Great Lakes.Superior
Dracula would have felt right at home in this proposed state, which would have included much of modern day Kentucky and Tennessee.Transylvania
Proposal State % Correct
At the end of World War II there was a large movement that proposed independence from Italy and have their island join the US.Sicily
Issues with representation in the state legislature almost led the third largest city in the US to form its own state.Chicago
The sixteenth US president had several proposals named after him. A 1907 proposal would have included parts of Washington and Idaho.Lincoln
Secession by this New York island has been proposed several times, as recent as 2008.Long Island
Angered by unjust taxation, a Beantown representative filed a bill to secede this city.Boston
This founding father, nicknamed 'the First American', briefly had an unrecognized state named after him.Franklin
Arizona and New Mexico would have joined the US together in this proposed state named after an Aztec emperor.Montezuma
Established from the Indian Territory in Oklahoma, this state would have been named after the inventor of the Cherokee syllabary. A type of redwood tree was also named after him.Sequoyah
The US's popularity in this Southeastern European country almost led to a referendum on statehood.Albania
William Walker briefly held this Northwestern Mexican state, before he was chased out of the country.Sonora
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