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 The Greatest Wizard of his age.
 Voldemort's right hand witch
 Minister of Magic
 High Inquisitor
 First Headmaster of Hogwarts
 The Professor who replaced Trelawney
 The Death Eater whom set off the Dark Mark During the Battle of The Tower
 Bulgarian Chaser
 'What are you playing at?'
 The little boy hanging around his parents tent at the Quidditch World cup
 Cousin of Ron Weasley's Aunt Muriel
 Student at Hogwarts With Lily Evans and Severus Snape
 A Snake
 The creator of 'Old Firewiskey'
 Third child of the Weasley Clan
 Had the Dark Lord on the back of his head.
 A Yorkshire blacksmith who was roped into playing Catcher in the 1100s
 Hogwarts resident Potion's Professor
 Famous for producing seven sons
 Slytherin captain during Harry's sixth year.
 A witch who worked at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
 Street peddler who was accused by the Ministry of selling defective wands and loose-bottomed cauldrons in Diagon Alley
 Luna Lovegood's father
 One of Voldemort's inner circle whom was never captured
 Bulgarian National Team Keeper in 1994

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