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Trivial factCounty
One of two counties next to Scotland
England's 'most brute and beastly shire' (Henry VIII)
Called Royal because Windsor Castle is in it
Goodwood Race Course
Used to be well known for brick-making
Dreaming spires in the county town
Rolls Royce aero engines are made here
A well known red cheese comes from here
Contains second oldest university in England
White cliffs are most famous here
Shakespeare's birthplace is here
Lots of watercress grown here
So small it once disappeared, but came back
Contains England's second largest city
Strong links with Brittany and other celtic places
British F1 Grand Prix
Robin Hood lived here
Contains the Chiltern Hills
Glastonbury Festival
The cobbled town of Rye is here
This is a capital place
Contains a well known steel town
One side of the Wash
Trivial factCounty
Famous for cider, and houses painted black and white
Once had largest fish and chip shop in the world
England's only detached county
Contains England's biggest football club
Largest county in England
Home of a famous hotpot
Home of 'estuary English'
The Beatles started here
Concorde was partly built here
King James I died in this county in 1625
Famous for white horses carved from chalk downs
Named after two rivers
The word 'County' precedes its name
Has a blue cheese named after it
Well known savoury sauce originated here
Hound of the Baskervilles roamed here
Wordsworth was here writing poetry
A cheese which comes in single and double forms comes from here
The '..... Punch' is a sort of farm horse
Most wooded county in England
Has famous rail junction of Crewe
A pottery sort of place
'....... knob' is a sort of biscuit (cookie)

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