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Whats the first word of the pretty little liars theme song
Who died
Whos very smart
Whats tobys step sisters name
Who stayed as a guest in hannas house
Who crashed his motor bike
Whos dad cheated on their mum
Whos a swimmer
Whats spencers last name
Who has a twin sister
Whats the english teachers name
Who wears the black gloves
How many a's is there
Whos dad works in the army
Who had a crush on alison
Whats the nerds name
Whats the officers name thats helping jenna officer.....
Whats jennas dissability
Who made jenna blind
Whos is amilys swim team
Whos mum is broke
Whos likes their teacher
Whats spencers sisters name
Who got married
Who was made to eat the cupcakes
What did hanna do to heself that was dangerous but made her skinny
Whats hannas nickname my alison
What instrament does jenna play
Who used to wear the pretty pink lipstick that was used to write on the mirror
Who used to be fat
Who went looking for alison in the barn while the other girls where sleeping
Who got hit by a car
Whats arias brothers name
Whats the name of the town the pll live in
Which one of them in lesbian
Whos the hockey player
What did the girls find when they opened up alisons lunchbox
Carved on the tree it had alison loves ......
In the theme song song what colour where they painting the girls nails
Was the dead girl wearing a bracelet or not in the theme song
What was hannas first boyfriend called
What was seans best friends name
Hannas stepsister
Ezras older x girlfriend
Alisons brother
Whos byron and ella
Who said this 
Oink oink oink
While hanna was eating cupcakes 
Im still here bitches, and i know everything
Shy on the streets, sexy in the sheets
Is this side of my face fatter than this side
Do you want to share a towl too
I could never hate you
Different is good, I like different this townhas too much of the same
Please, jenna cant hear us, shes blind
Where where they the night alison went missing
What colour top was alison wearing
What does noal write on the back of ezras car
Who is noals brother
Whos car did hanna crash
What was the name of ezras and maggies son
Who was the first person to get a message from a
Who was emilys blonde girlfriend
Who is the 2nd a
Who plays emily
Who played aria
What is pretty little liars rated
Is the pretty little liars logo bubble or cursive
The theme song 
Who goes shhhhhhh
Are they curling the hair or straitning it
Do they put heels or sandles on her
Do they close or open the eye
What colour nail polish does the hand have that closes the eye
Do they apply mascara or eyeliner to the girl
Do they use a brush or a lip stick to apply colour to the lip
What are the secrets 
Whos elsbian
Whos dating a teacher
Liked their sisters boyfriend
was bulimic
Who had a twin sister called courtney and when thay switched courtney wouldnt switch back to ...... Killed her
What seaon is coming out jan 7 2014
How many cupcakes does hanna need to eat
What animal is on the cupcakes
What friend moved into alison old house
Who does ian try to kill in the church
Whats does BAD stand for
On the trophie of ians what animal blood is it
What was in the bag on jennas bed
Whos a redcoat
What happened when hanna was in the shower with caleb and she was lookin at his bum then he turned around what did he say
What board game was toby and spencer play
Which friend of emilys did drugs
Who is aria with when she sees her dad kissing another woman
What school donthe girls go to
What girl stayed with hanna
Who hacks phones
Who slapped jenna
Who gets sent to juvy

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