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Who was Undertaker's first manager in WWF/E?
What was Undertaker's ring name in WCW?
Who's interference helped Undertaker win his first WWF Heavyweight Championship?
The Undertaker was bought to the ring on a hearse at which WWF PPV?
Following his defeat at the Royal Rumble 94, how did Undertaker leave the arena?
Who made a necklace by melting down Undertaker's urn?
Undertaker interfered in which match at In Your House 6?
Mankind debut, attacking the Undertaker who was wrestling which wrestler?
Who's face did the Undertaker burn during a match with Mankind at 'Revenge of the Taker' (In Your House 14)
Who played the Executioner who lost to Undertaker at In Your House 12 (It's Time)
Who won the first match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels on PPV?
Undertaker made a rare appearance at Michinoku Pro Wrestling opposite which former WWF talent?
Which ACDC song was the title (and tune) used for SummerSlam 1998 headlined by Taker challenging Austin for the title?
What did Undertaker try to do to Austin whilst Austin was unconscious on an episode of RAW?
By which moniker did the Undertaker go by upon his return to WWF in 2000?
Who eliminated the Undertaker in the 2002 Royal Rumble?
What happened to The Undertaker (legitimately) prior to his appearance in the Elimination Chamber match in 2010?
What moment raised the roof in the Lensar vs Taker match at SummerSlam 2015?
Which real life group was the Undertaker the leader of in the mid-late 1990s? (BSK)
Which 1991 movie did Undertaker feature in as the character 'Hutch'?
Which year was Undertaker inducted into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame?

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