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Harper Lee (2015, mockingbird sequel)
John Steinbeck (1961, seasonal title)
Stephen King (2013, Torrance grows up)
Henry James (1897,what knowledge did the girl possess?)
Zadie Smith (2005, feat. the Belsey family)
Dean Koontz (1998, Moonlight Bay, XP)
Charles Dickens (1865, last completed novel)
John Fowles (1963, hostage girl, butterfly lover)
Rudyard Kipling (1902, rhino, ethiopien, whale)
J.K Rowling (2012, councillor dies, Pagford)
L.Frank Baum (1900, little people, emerald, balloon)
Truman Capote (1965, murder fiction based on real life)
J.D Salinger (1961, two names in the title)
Salman Rushdie (1994, compass points)
Jonathan Franzen (2015, one meaning of the colour white)

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