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Copperfield, Phoebe and New York City
Humbert Humbert, Taboo, Nabokov
Muslims, Uproar, 'Evil Paragraphs'
Pickpocket, Nancy, Death
Cunning Boa, Loveable Bear, Red Flower
Johnny, Hotel, Snow
Confusing, Experimental, Irish
Vanity, Mirror, Horrified
Watching You, Winston, Ministry of Fear
Wine, Nails and Burning Shrubs
Tea Party, Card Deck, Beheading
Congo, Racism, Internal Organ
Sharp Teeth, Dark Tale, Need Garlic
Great Depression, Family Struggle, Fruity Title
Savage Children, Insect Title, A title given to senior politicians
Racial Court Case, Lawyer's Two Children, Southern US State
Evil bald, an toilet loitering ogre and escaped prisoner of ...
Fussy mother, avoiding marriage, dashing Mr...
Big voyage, nearly complete, lost marlin to sharks
Noise, Anger, Loveless Family
Beating the instrument, Poland/Germany Conflict, Window Shattering Singing

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