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What you would call a british friend
Opposite of Early
Green Citrus
Ten Cents
Another word for to eat
A curve that has a point at (0,0)
Not the middle, but the ____
Something to go on at a carnival
Ready to be harvested
Something Grandpa used to smoke from
to rub lightly with or on a cloth
Conducts electricity
A rubber wheel
What you look at a clock for
Opposite of wild
A Twin, a clone
Not all, but ____
To arrive
You make your hair neat with it
It explodes
an idiot
you put it on your foot
Going once, going twice, going three times, ___
The story had been ____
It Grows in moist areas
I think your Grandma has one on her lip
Vertical Structural support; beam; dancing structure
A part in a movie or play
You can do thid down a hill
A price to pay getting on a highway
Opposite of Short
Not having hair
A group of musicians
Silicon Dioxide
Something you do to mail
Something you do to a wound
To let someone borrow something
Not sea, not air
Drive in it
A weather ___ points in the direction of the wind
A type of dog
Hills of Silicon Dioxide
A Song
A Type of Fish

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