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(IMPOSSIBLE) Can you finish this Lavar Ball quote? (Made for Mike Korzemba and KOT4Q and Jay Canada)

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Back in my heyday, I would ____ Michael Jordan one-on-one.
I’ll tell you right now, he’s better than _____ _____ __ __
To me ‘Zo is the best player in the world. … I don’t know if he can beat (LeBron James and Russell Westbrook) one on one, but I know he can beat them _ __ _
A _______ dollars, it has to be there. That’s our number, a _______, straight out of the gate. And you don’t even have to give it to me all up front. Give us $100 mil over 10 y
All three of my boys are going to be ___ ___ ___
You got ______, it’s gonna be so hard for his kids, cause they gonna look at them like ‘you gotta be just like your dad.
We already got our own brand. ______ ___. Lonzo is going to be the first one drafted with his own brand. That don’t happen.
My son will only ____ for the Lakers.
These boys were born to go pro. Your mom’s a ____ _______, I’m a ________ _______, your last name is Ball. How much more lined up can you be? (use 'and' between the 2 answers)
If Charles _______ ____ __, maybe he’d win a championship.
I’ve been coaching them all their lives. I’ve instilled something in them that you can’t take out. Like, ‘__ ____ __ _ ___ shot.’
I know I must be a ______ to plan it out this well.
We not even competing with ___, because we're already better than them.
It's already a done deal. I got the ______ already.
If the game was played 1 on 1, I'd be ___ ________ __ ___ _____.
We gonna go ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________
A ____ is not that big of a deal. It's two things, stitching and glue.
Big Baller's loose! If you can't afford the ZO2'S, you're ___ _ ___ ______!
Lonzo Ball is going to take the Lakers to the ________ his _____ ____. (same as number 9)
Because he ain't _____ ____, that's why.
He better stay behind that TNT thing ... and eat ____ _________.
Lonzo's fitting' to step over Magic, to be the ____ _____ ____.
To me, Zo' is the ____ ______ __ ___ _____.
I don't lose 1 on 1. If Jordan played me in 1 on 1, he'd ___.
Realistically, you can't win no championship with three _____ ____.

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