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We'll start out with some general trivia. What is name of the branch focused on.
Which episode has the first cold opening?
In which episode do we first hear 'That's what she said?'
Name a currently active branch of Dunder Mifflin other than Scranton and New York. In Ohio
Name another. In New York.
And another. In New Hampshire.
And another. In New York.
One more. In New York.
Last one. In New York.
From here on the questions are based on the episodes in order. Consider that as a hint. Tell me the title of the first episode.
Where did Michael get his world's best boss mug?
What does HERO stand for? In Order
What do you call it when your teeth turn to liquid then drip down the back of your throat.
Name Another disease from the episode 'Health Care.' Real or fake.
Finish the quote: Meredith had a little lamb. Don't bring that lamb to work or it will -
According to Michael, Football is like ______ and Basketball is more like ______
Who portrays Katy in 'Hot Girl'?
Who does Pam thank for her dundie?
Michael admits in 'Sexual Harassment' that he has spent the better part of his mornings staring at this.
What is Michael's realtors full name?
What song does Dwight listen to in his car when the other employees are playing games outside because of the fire?
What is Dwigh't desert island movie?
Which three characters dress as cats in the first Halloween episode?
What kind of Chips does Jim buy Pam to get her to ask Michael to let Dwight stay late to walk her to her car.
Who portrays Christian in 'The Client'?
Who does Dwight quote when asking Michael for a raise?
What song does Michael start on the karaoke machine at Jim's barbeque? Which eventually Jim joins in on.
How many bottles of vodka does Michael buy at the first Christmas Party?
Who portrays Captain Jack in 'Booze Cruise'?
Finish the quote: I want you to rub butter on my foot. Pam please -
What is the full name of the Scranton Business Park property manager.
What does Michael fake order at Hooters?
What does Michael actually order at Hooters?
What is the name of the Hooter's waitress?
How much does Michael offer as a reward for the person with the most sales?
What radio station does Dwight call in to?
What does Jan claim to be very good at during the women in the workplace meeting?
What song plays in the background of Michael's 'Faces of Scranton' video?
Who makes their first appearance in 'Valentine's Day' as CFO of Dunder Mifflin?
How much prize money did Dwight win when he was named Salesman of the Year?
Finish the quote: ____ alone moves the ____ of ____
What are the four children's names, alphabetically, who are brought in for take your daughter to work day?
What is Kevin's favorite lunch?
What is on the back of the jersey Dwight got Michael for his birthday?
What did Michael smoke at an Alicia Keys concert'
How does Dwight new nametag read?
What song does Scrantonicity play in the video Jim and Pam are watching during Pam's selection of a band for her wedding?

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