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Can you name the Predictions of Harold Camping?

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Date and PredictionCamping? (Y/N)Prophet
21st May 1988, Judgement day.
2003, the Earth's core will stop rotating, leading to a collapse of it's magnetic field.
1975, rapture and end of world.
6th September 1994, second coming of Christ.
1284, the world will end, 666 years after the rise of Islam.
January 1962, 'the Beatles have no future in show business', and 'guitar groups are on the way out'.
22nd October 1844, second coming of Christ.
Date and PredictionCamping? (Y/N)Prophet
30th September 2008, second coming of Christ and end of world.
1658, the end of the world.
10th March 1982, catastrophic earthquakes caused by planetary alignment.
21st May 2011, rapture and global earthquakes.
1997, an alien spacecraft following the comet Hale-Bopp is a gateway to the next level of existence.
21st December 2012, end of world as predicted by Mayan calendar.
1600, the world will end no later than this date.

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