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Can you finish the lyrics from 'You won't succeed on Broadway' from Spamalot?

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LineLast Word
In any great
that you don't want to
victory depends upon the people that you
So, listen, Arthur darling, closely to this
we won't succeed on
if we don't have any
You may have the finest
Fill the stage with penthouse
You may have the loveliest costumes and best
You may dance and you may
But I'm sorry, Arthur
You'll hear no
Just lots and lots of
You may have have butch men by the
Whom the audience
You may even have some animals from
Though you've Poles and krauts
You may have unlevened
But I tell you, you are
If you don't have any
They won't care if it's
or everything looks
They'll simply say it's sh***y and
LineLast Word
Nobody will go
If it's not kosher then no show,
Even Goyem won't be dim enough to
Put on shows that make men
With lots of girls in
You may even have the finest of
You're doing
The audience won't care,
As long as you don't dare,
To open up on
If you don't have any
You may have dramatic
Or lots of horrid
You may even have some white men sing the
Your knights might be nice
But sadly we're all
And that noise that you call singing you must
So, despite your pretty
and naughty girls in nasty
and the most impressive scenery you
You may have dancing mana-
You may bring on a
But they will not give a
LineLast Word
If you don't have any
You may fill your play with
Have Nigerian girls in
You may even have some schizas making
You haven't got a
If you don't have a
All of your investments you are going to
There's a very small
Who enjoys a dancing
I'm sad to be the one with this bad
But never mind your
You just won't succeed on
If you don't have any
Arthur, can you hear
To get along on
To sing a song on
To hit the top on Broadway and not
I tell you, Arthur
There is one essential
There simply must be, simply must be
There simply must be, Arthur trust me, simply must be

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