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Can you name the Musical based on a person who is mentioned but is not in the show?

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Character Not AppearingMusical
Remember Helen Kincaid? I brought her around a few times. Well, she's married now. I almost didn't recognize her, all fat and blowsy....
Julie Cassidy went to a field behind a tree, saw there was no one to see her pee, but me!
My advice to you is to return home and have babies. That is what women are made for. Sincerely F. Putnam
Lou! Where are you, Lou?! Struck down by a beverage I consumed faithfully for 32 years!
I'll be coming back to you, Darlene. Back to your dark eyes and hair. Marry me when I return, Darlene. And until that day, my love, take care.
Capone is more to me than a hero, I wanna be like him, I wanna be like Al Capone. He's my hero. Al Capone I wanna be you! Bang bang!
Do you know the Muffin Man? The Muffin Man? The Muffin Man. Yes I know the Muffin Man. Who lives on Drury Lane?
His girlfriend April left a note saying we've got AIDS
I'm going back, Ephraim. I've decided to join the human race again. And, Ephraim, I want you to give me away.
When I think of Tom I think about a night when the earth smelled of summer and the sky was streaked with white
She was left some money in a will. We lived with an old lady when I was little. Her name was Sophia.
She made brazen overtures to a man who never had a friend in this town till she came here - old Miser Madison.

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