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Forced Order
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sarcastic, sneering
trying to go completely defensive
to cover or hover above
sought by early Spanish explorers; lost city of gold
a warrior clothed in skin who worked himself into a fight before battle
an imaginary or perfect society
his family found themselves without servants, farmlands, service in stores, etc.
'The Prince'
Disciplines, stern, and brave
to bring or get by trickery force
from the reputation of the Spartans for brevity of speech
the use of unfair investigatory or accusatory methods
a river in Turkey noted for its winding course
rough leader
a promiscuous man
having to do with the theater or acting
prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender
derived from the United States of America
source of the Victory of the greeks over Persians in 490 B.C.
state of being hypnotized

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