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Original Title - ArtistSong Title - ArtistReason for Change
'55 Love Affair - Paul DaviesRecord company wanted to appeal to younger listeners, even though the lyrics are still clearly about the fifties.
Desert Song - AmericaThe name was changed to reflect the lyrics of the song.
Emily - Sarah McLachlanThe artist didn't want to draw comparisons to the Simon and Garfunkel song 'For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her'.
Uncle John - Bo DiddleyDiddley's record company told him the original lyrics were 'too dirty'. The lyrics were rewritten and the title changed to reflect them.
You Don't Get Me - The BeatlesThe title was changed to reflect a different lyric of the song
Teresa - The WhoThe song was originally about the love Pete felt for another mans girlfriend. When the lyrics changed, so did the title.
Thats What I Like - The Big BopperOriginally released under original title as a B-side. When the B-side started getting more airplay the title was changed to make it more recognizable.
Scrambled Eggs - The BeatlesThe original title was used as a placeholder while Paul wrote the melody.
Brown Skinned Girl - Van MorrisonThe song was originally about an interracial relationship, but the lyrics were changed to be more palatable for radio stations of the time.
Stupid - Patsy ClineThe author of this song, Willie Nelson, admitted it was originally titled 'Stupid' but changed the lyric to make it easier to sing.
It's There - GorillazThe title was changed because Shaun Ryder's broad Mancunian accent made it sound like he was saying a different word than what was written.
March of the Dogs - Green DayBillie Joe Armstrong changed the title after watching the movie Juno. The new title is part of a quote from that movie.
Original Title - ArtistSong Title - ArtistReason for Change
Miss Daisy Hawkins - The BeatlesPaul McCartney changed the name 'Miss Daisy Hawkins' to one that, to him, was more natural sounding.
987 - ToolTools bassist said 'I wrote a bar of nine, a bar of eight, a bar of seven, and we originally called the song '987'
Mustang Mama - Wilson PickettTitle and lyrics were changed at the behest of Aretha Franklin.
Ragtime - AerosmithTheir label loved the song but hated the title and hired a different songwriter to think of a new own.
Saturday Night - The Bee GeesAfter The Bee Gees decided that there were too many songs called Saturday Night, they changed .
Best Days of My Life - Bryan AdamsThe name was changed to reflect a different lyric of the song.
Wishing Stone - OasisWishing stone was exchanged for another phrase with the same amount of syllables.
Peter Pan Complex - Blink 182The record company changed it during production because they thought the audience wouldn't understand. The band was not happy with this decision.
Walpurgis - Black SabbathWalpurgis is a festival with origins in Paganism and Witchcraft. Ozzy released the original version on his 1997 album The Ozzman Cometh.
The Overture - Led ZeppelinThe name of the song was changed after lyrics were added to an instrumental song. In between 'The Overture' and the final name, this song was called 'The Campaign'
Rock'N'Roll For President - Sonic Youth'At the time, J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr represented our slacker genius, so in tribute we wrote a song called 'Rock'N'Roll For President' about him being president, which we eventually renamed _________'
Lesson One - a-haThe band recorded the first version of this song around 1983 and included it on their demo tape. At that time it was called 'Lesson One.' In 1984 they remade the song and renamed it.

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