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QUIZ: Can you name the Pet Shop Boys songs described by each definition or clue?

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Definition/ClueSong titleAlbum
Relating to the scientific study of the mind and behaviours
Day of the week called 'jeudi' in French, or 'Donnerstag' in German
Idiom similar in meaning to 'safe and sound' (3 wds.)
Building for viewing films or live performances
Collective term for allies of Nazi Germany during World War II
A criminal, usually a teenager, who is sentenced differently from an adult (2 wds.)
Money paid on a regular basis in return for the continued use of something
Energy-efficient light bulb: Compact _____ lamp
Individual song released separately from an album
Mythological bloodsucking monsters
Adjective describing an essential part of a whole
Perusing a store or mall
Otherwise impossible acts accomplished by divine intervention
Collective term for residential areas outside a city's core
The act of giving freedom to someone
Dance club, in Spanish
Chances to gain a benefit
Definition/ClueSong titleAlbum
Hundred-year period between January 1, 1901 and December 31, 2000 (2 wds.)
Method of sending messages over the Internet
Energy used to power machines and other devices
Adjective often used to describe particularly showy gay men
Person evading lawful custody
Unable to feel sensations or emotions
Process by which an insect larva or nymph becomes an adult
Additional message added to the end of a letter
Impressions left by walking, e.g. in sand
In Christianity, the place to where the unrighteous go after death
Unable to be seen
Cardiac muscle
Present (when used as an adjective)
Capital of the United Kingdom
With hesitation or anxiety

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