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Can you name the Time Magazine's Persons of the Year?

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1927American Aviator
1928American Automotive Executive
1929American Diplomat
1930Indian Spiritual Leader
1931French President
1932American President Elect
1933American National Recovery Administration Official
1934American President
1935Ethiopian Emperor
1936American Mistress of Edward VIII
1937Chinese President and First Lady
1938German Chancellor
1939Russian General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
1940British Prime Minister
1941American President
1942Russian Premier
1943American General
1944American General
1945American President
1946American Secretary of State
1947American General
1948American President
1949British Prime Minister (Time's 'Man of the Half-Century')
1950Abstract American Korean War Veterans
1951Iranian Prime Minister
1952British Monarch
1953German Chancellor
1954American Secretary of State
1955American Automotive Executive
1956Abstract Hungarian Revolutionary
1957Russian Premier
1958French Prime Minister
1959American President
1960Abstract American Researchers, Developers, and Laureates
1961American President
1962Italian Pope
1963American Civil Rights Activist
1964American President
1965American General
1966Abstract American Generation
1967American President
1968American Astronauts
1969Abstract American Social Class
1970German Chancellor
1971American President
1972American President & American Secretary of State
1973American Judge
1974Saudi Arabian King
1975Abstract American Gender Pioneers
1976American President Elect
1977Egyptian President
1978Chinese Chairman of the CPPCC
1979Iranian Supreme Leader
1980American President Elect
1981Polish President
1982Abstract Machine of the Year
1983American President and Russian General Secretary
1984American Olympic Committee Chair
1985Chinese Chairman of the CPPCC
1986Filipino President
1987Russian General Secretary
1988Abstract Planet
1989Russian General Secretary
1990American President
1991American Media Mogul
1992American President Elect
1993Four Men Involved With Peacemaking
1994Polish Pope
1995American Speaker of the House
1996Taiwanese-American AIDS Researcher
1997Hungarian-American Business Executive
1998American President & American Independent Counsel
1999American Business Executive
2000American President Elect
2001American Mayor
2002Abstract American Watchdogs
2003Abstract American Military Personnel
2004American President
2005Abstract Charitable Citizens
2006Abstract Internet Content Producers
2007Russian President
2008American President Elect
2009American Federal Reserve Chairman

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