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DateCountryNature of formation
625 BCEFormation under Cyaxares
4th Century BCEFormation of Aksumite Empire
3 September 301Independence from Roman Empire
843Formation under Treaty of Verdun
Circa 980Unification under Harold Bluetooth
25 July 1139Independence from Léon
1168Formation of Vladimir-Suzdal Principality
1238Liberation from Lavo Kingdom
1271Unification under Yuan Dynasty
1278Paréage between France and Spain
1299Succession from Byzantine Empire, Mamluk Sultinate and Sultinate of Rûm
20 January 1479Unification of Castile, Léon, Aragon, Majorca, Valencia, and Sicily
1524Formation under Kalmar Union
25 July 1581Independence from Spain
1603Unification under Tokugawa Ieyasu
circa 1620Unification under Ngawang Namgyal
15 May 1648Independence from Holy Roman Empire
1 May 1707Unification by Act of Union of 1707
21 December 1768Unification by Prithvi Narayan Shah
4 July 1776Independence from United Kingdom
1 January 1804Independence from France
11 August 1804Break-up of Holy Roman Empire
20 July 1810Independence from Spain
15 September 1810Independence from Spain
14 May 1811Independence from Spain
12 February 1818Independence from Spain
25 March 1821Independence from Ottoman Empire
28 July 1821Independence from Spain
7 September 1822Independence from Portugal
6 August 1825Independence from Spain
25 August 1825Independence from Brazil
13 January 1830Independence from Gran Columbia
13 May 1830Independence from Gran Columbia
4 October 1830Independence from Netherlands
31 May 1838Break-up of Federal Republic of Central America
26 July 1847Independence from United States
2 February 1861Independence from France
17 March 1861Unification under Victor Emmanuel II
16 August 1865Independence from Spain
24 August 1866Independence from German Confederation
18 January 1871Unification under Wilhelm I
9 July 1876Independence from Spain
13 July 1878Independence from Ottoman Empire
23 November 1890Independence from Netherlands
20 May 1902Independence from United States
3 November 1903Independence from Colombia
7 June 1905Independence from union with Sweden
22 September 1908Independence from Ottoman Empire
29 December 1911Independence from China
28 November 1912Independence from Ottoman Empire
6 December 1917Independence from Russia
31 October 1918Dissolution of Austro-Hungarian Empire
11 November 1918Independence from Germany and Russia
21 January 1919Independence from United Kingdom
19 August 1919Independence from United Kingdom
28 February 1922Independence from United Kingdom
8 January 1926Unification of Sultinate of Nejd, Reshidi State, and Kingdom of Hejaz
11 February 1929Independence from Italy
3 October 1932Independence from United Kingdom
26 November 1941Independence from France
1 January 1944Independence from France
20 May 1944Independence from Denmark
DateCountryNature of formation
17 August 1945Independence from Netherlands
25 May 1946Independence from United Kingdom
4 July 1946Independence from United States
14 August 1947Independence from United Kingdom
4 January 1948Independence from United Kingdom
4 February 1948Independence from United Kingdom
14 May 1948Formation from British Protectorate of Palestine
15 August 1948Formation of government after Japanese occupation
9 September 1848Formation of government after Janapese occupation
19 July 1949Independence from France
20 December 1951Independence from United Kingdom
24 December 1951Independence from British/French Trusteeship
9 November 1953Independence from France
1 January 1956Independence from United Kingdom
2 March 1956Independence from France
20 March 1956Independence from France
6 March 1957Independence from United Kingdom
2 October 1958Independence from France
1 January 1960Independence from France
4 April 1960Independence from France
27 April 1960Independence from France
26 June 1960Independence from France
26 June 1960Independence from United Kingdom
30 June 1960Independence from Belgium
1 August 1960Independence from France
3 August 1960Independence from France
5 August 1960Independence from France
7 August 1960Independence from France
11 August 1960Independence from France
13 August 1960Independence from France
15 August 1960Independence from France
16 August 1960Independence from United Kingdom
17 August 1960Independence from France
22 September 1960Independence from France
1 October 1960Independence from United Kingdom
28 November 1960Independence from France
27 April 1961Independence from United Kingdom
31 May 1961Independence from United Kingdom
19 June 1961Independence from United Kingdom
1 January 1962Independence from New Zealand
1 July 1962Independence from Belgium
5 July 1962Independence from France
6 August 1962Independence from United Kingdom
31 August 1962Independence from United Kingdom
9 October 1962Independence from United Kingdom
16 September 1963Unification of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore
12 December 1963Independence from United Kingdom
26 April 1964Unification of Tanganyika and Zanzibar
6 July 1964Independence from United Kingdom
21 September 1964Independence from United Kingdom
24 October 1964Independence from United Kingdom
18 February 1965Independence from United Kingdom
26 July 1965Independence from United Kingdom
9 August 1965Independence from Malaysia
26 May 1966Independence from United Kingdom
30 September 1966Independence from United Kingdom
4 October 1966Independence from United Kingdom
30 November 1966Independence from United Kingdom
31 January 1968Independence from United Kingdom
12 March 1968Independence from United Kingdom
6 September 1968Independence from United Kingdom
12 October 1968Independence from Spain
DateCountryNature of formation
4 June 1970Independence from United Kingdom
10 October 1970Independence from United Kingdom
26 March 1971Independence from Pakistan
3 September 1971Independence from United Kingdom
2 December 1971Independence from United Kingdom
16 December 1971Independence from United Kingdom
10 July 1973Independence from United Kingdom
24 September 1973Independence from Portugal
7 February 1975Independence from United Kingdom
30 April 1975Unification under Lê Duẩn
25 June 1975Independence from Portugal
5 July 1975Independence from Portugal
6 July 1975Independence from France
12 July 1975Independence from Portugal
16 September 1975Independence from Australia
11 November 1975Independence from Portugal
12 November 1975Independence from Netherlands
29 June 1976Independence from United Kingdom
27 June 1977Independence from France
7 July 1978Independence from United Kingdom
1 October 1978Independence from United Kingdom
3 November 1978Independence from United Kingdom
22 February 1979Independence from United Kingdom
12 July 1979Independence from United Kingdom
27 October 1979Independence from United Kingdom
18 April 1980Independence from United Kingdom
30 July 1980Independence from France and United Kingdom
21 September 1981Independence from United Kingdom
1 November 1981Independence from United Kingdom
17 April 1982Full Independence from United Kingdom
19 September 1983Independence from United Kingdom
1 January 1984Independence from United Kingdom
3 March 1986Full Independence from United Kingdom
3 March 1986Independence from United States
21 October 1986Independence from United States
13 December 1986Full Independence from United Kingdom
11 March 1990Independence from Soviet Union
21 March 1990Independence from South Africa
4 May 1990Independence from Soviet Union
22 May 1990Unification of two states of the same name
27 July 1990Independence from Soviet Union
23 August 1990Independence from Soviet Union
30 August 1990Independence from Soviet Union
9 April 1991Independence from Soviet Union
25 June 1991Independence from Yugoslavia
20 August 1991Independence from Soviet Union
24 August 1991Independence from Soviet Union
27 August 1991Independence from Soviet Union
31 August 1991Independence from Soviet Union
1 September 1991Independence from Soviet Union
8 September 1991Independence from Yugoslavia
9 September 1991Independence from Soviet Union
27 October 1991Independence from Soviet Union
16 December 1991Independence from Soviet Union
1 March 1992Independence from Yugoslavia
1 January 1993Dissolution of Czechoslovakia
24 May 1993Independence from Ethiopia
1 October 1994Independence from United States
20 May 2002Independence from Indonesia
3 June 2006Independence from Serbia and Montenegro
5 June 2006Independence from Serbia and Montenegro
9 July 2011Independence from Sudan

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