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Can you name the Characters from MST3K?

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The first host. A guy not to different from you or me.
The second host. Just a regular joe the Mads didn't like.
The red-coloured robot friend. Bigger than life! Bigger than you!
The gold-coloured robot friend. Nursed a crush on Estelle Winwood for a while.
A robot with a purplish hue. Piloted the ship with a modicum of success.
The senior of the Mads. Souded suspiciously like one of the robots.
The more hapless of the Mads. Responsible for pushing 'the button.'
The mother of one of the Mads. An evil gal who wants to rule the world.
A Lawgiver-fearing ape from the future.
Alien companion of the previous two. AKA 'Brain Guy'
The repair crew of the Satellite of Love. Includes Ned, Wade, and Shelli.
The SOL crew's invisible, omnipresent companion.
The rarely-seen 'robot friend'
The first Mad assistant.
Evil henchman turned pizza-delivery guy. Quintessential second banana.
Occasionally-seen ape from the future who bore a striking resemblance to one of the hosts.
Host of Biography
Traumatising man/woman of a musical nature.
Silent henchman turned telethon worker
One of the robot's dark spectres

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