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Today I was hired to kill the Doctor. On one hand, I'll get to go home, but on the other, he doesn't seem like that bad of a guy. FML
Today, I got stuck in a parallel universe. Again. At least this time it was with a pretty cute clone of the guy I fancy. FML
Today I got a flat tyre and when I went to phone for help, the phone box turned out to be a spaceship! FML
Today I found out that the man I've been living with killed our entire ship's crew and our neighbours. FML
Today a big ship exploded and caused my eyes to change colour. Seriously, WTF? FML
Today, my master made me stay in the TARDIS even though I promised to be a good dog. FML
Today the professor and I almost got killed by a man made out of candy. FML
Today, my scientist father attracted the attention of some strange machine-men who kidnapped me and took me back to their home planet. FML
Today I met this really strange Englishman who... something about great men with white fur in huge tunnels... and a flying beastie made of metal... and... I don't really remember..
Today, the man I've been hanging around with for the last few years decided to take me home, except he missed the mark by about 500km. FML
Today the knob who stole off with my girl reappeared after a year. I've been under suspicion for her murder, and this bloke doesn't even have the decency to remember my name! FML
Today, Grandfather abandoned me on a ruined planet. At least the boys are sort of cute. FML
Today, I went to the club, met a couple people, got into a huge brawl, and now I'm stuck with an old man in his time-traveling box. FML
Today my father's body was taken over by man who controls a statue with whom my step-mother was having a clandestine relationship! Yes, I know how hard that is to follow! FML
Today I met the great god Zeus and began my journey to the Palace of Perfection. Then I had to press a button to stop some man from hurting him... it is very cold out here... FML
Today my girlfriend's childhood imaginary friend turned out to be real. Talk about awkward. FML
Today I met a guy who claims to be the reincarnation of a John Doe who died on the table last night. And can apparently walk through solid glass. At least he's a good kisser. FML
Today, the guy I'm travelling with took me home to meet, well, himself. Well, two of himself really - a bloke in trainers and another old enough to be his granddad. FML
Today I met the Doctor for his trial, and he doesn't even remember me! I bet it's just an excuse to get out of the fitness programme I put him on last week. FML
Today, I got taken from my master by a guy in a blue box and shoved into a storage closet. I'll probably be here for a year before they remember I even exist. FML
Today I finally ran into the Doctor after getting stuck on Earth and waiting for over a century for him to show up. FML
Today I got kidnapped from my wedding, almost got eaten by a giant spider, and found out my fiancé was trying to kill me! FML
Today I guess I broke some secret time-traveler rule, and got kicked off the TARDIS in a snap. FML
Today I've decided to travel to the Amazon. Over the last few years I've almost been killed by flowers, turned into an old woman, shrunk... the rainforest seems a lot safer. FML
Today, as I'm finally accepting the fact that the man I fancy doesn't feel the same way, I find out that this guy we picked up billions of years in the future fancies him too. FML
Today I met a new friend, a sort of mad man with a box, who promised to take me away and said he'll be back in five minutes. I'll just sit out here and wait. FML
Today, my patient apparently completely changed his appearance, went insane, and locked me in a cabinet. FML
Today a Cyberman destroyed the computer I was working on before I could enter the last code. Now the ship's going to crash and I'll never know if I was right! FML
Today the old man decided to leave me to babysit a bunch of warring aliens. FML
Today I told the Brigadier that I quit. I refuse to stoke that arrogant dandy's ego anymore. FML
Today I decided to do something with my appearance, but of course the guy I'm with wasn't pleased until I looked more like him. What a narcissist! FML
Today I got tricked into killing my brother and got turned into an old woman. FML
Today I met a couple of strange men, one wearing a kilt, and... something happened with lizard men from Mars... and... huh, I don't really remember... FML
Today my brain got stolen by a slug. Really. FML
Today, while trying to look after a student's well-being, my colleague and I were abducted by a cantankerous old man. Now we're... actually, I have no idea where we are... FML
Today... nah, spoilers! FML
Today I got stuck in a box. I had to knock four times before my friend would let me out. FML
Today I got possessed by a computer. I think I'm just going to stay home. FML

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