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Amendment DescriptionAmendment
Sets the voting age to 18
Changed the process for electing the president and vice president
Guarentees freedom of assembly, speech, etc.
States that excessive bail can not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment
Guarentees women the right to vote
Outlaws anything having to do with alcohol
States that one person can not be president for more than 10 years
Includes the District of Colombia in the presidential election
Ends prohibition of alcohol
States that no soldiar shall be quartered in another mans house in peace or war
Guarentees citizens the right to bear arms
Guarentees the acused to a fair and speedy trial
Identifies that there are powers belonging to states
Guarentees the peaple to be safe from any seach or seizure
Amendment DescriptionAmendment
Covers unumerated rights (those not directly stated)
Abolished slavery
Lists the 2 ways someone can become a citizen
Gives all citizens the right to vote
Gives congress the right to impose a federal income tax
States senators must be elected through a popular election
Designates who will become president if the president dies in office
Deals with congressional pay raises
Protects citizens from double jeopardy
Allows citizens to wave the right to jury in a civil case
No state may be sued in federal court by aresident of any other state or country
Commencement of terms, sessions of congress, and death or disqualification of president elect
Outlawed payment as any tax as a condition for taking part in nominationof elections of any federal officer

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