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APeter Parkers aunt
BSecret agent that helps spiderman in Web of Shadows videogame
CRed form of Venom
DMad scientist who creates and wreaks havok with his robotic arms
EElectric villain of spiderman
FCrazed, drug addicted villain of spiderman
GCrazed villain in spiderman 1
HAlternate form of the green goblin
IWeaker version of the lizard
JMinor villain who clones spiderman
KA bounty hunter that does anything he can to kill spiderman
LDoctor Conners accidentaly turns himself into this in a failed expirament
MPeter Parkers girlfriend
NCrazed scientist who turns into the green goblin
OFan of spiderman turned bad that resorts to crimes
PSpiderman identity
Qtype q
RVillain of spiderman with a huge elaphant like build and strength
SSpidermans warning sense
TPlays spiderman in movies
U'Withn great power comes great responsibility'
VSymbiote that is hosted by Eddie Brock
WWhat spiderman sticks to with
Xtype x
Ytype y
Ztype z

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