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ASamus's last name
BSamus's profession
CAncient bird-like race
DSamus's alter ego
ESky world of Metroid Prime 3
FSpace pirate ship of Metroid prime
GHook-like item
HPhazon corrupted boss of Metroid Prime 3
ICreatures of Dark aether
JIng guarding space jump boots
KHog like mini boss fought on bryyo
LCreatures of Aether
MEnergy sucking creatures
NPlanet where you first meet ridley in metroid prime 3
OPowerful form of ridley
PRadioactive Energy
Q4 legged robotic boss of Metroid prime 2
RDragon like space pirate general
SMain antagonists
TMain setting of Metroid Prime
UCharacter of MP2 and last living Luminoth
VSamus's power suit
WPurple beam
XVisor that allows you to see through certain objects
YCouldnt find anything so just type y
ZSmall,easy creatures of Tallon IV

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