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AStandard weapon for all soldiers
BA powerful covenant soldier
CA covenant motercycle like vehicle
DCovenant water facility map
EOnce covenant soldiers but now siding with the UNSC
FParasitic organism that uses dead bodies as hosts
GSmall, nonthreataning covenant soldier
HHelicopter like vehicle of the UNSC
II Would have been your daddy skull
JSmall bird like covenant snipers
KODST campaign map in a military base
LODST map with an old factory type building
MAn extremely cybernetically super spartan and also main character
NA covenant gun with pink ammo
OAn elite group of spartans
PDetatchable covanent turret
QJust type q
ROne of the covenant prophets
SAn enhanced super soldier
TOne of the covenant prophets
UUnited Nations Space Command
VGreen, mountainous map with 2 bases
WStandard UNSC armored vehicle
XJust type x
YGet 3 oddball melee kills on any match (achievment name)
ZInfected person

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