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From the EightiesName It
Plastic colorful shoes.
Brand of wooden clogs with a colored strap and buckle.
Safari t-shirts (brand).
Clothing line made with material that is heat sensitive and changes color with a touch.
Colorful shirts with the alligator/crocodile logo.
Collared shirts with the name of a soft drink across the front.
Safety pin decorated with beads.
Jeans with a tag across the zipper.
Guys clothing brand, sun tropical. Hint: Central American country and male name...
Most popular 80's jacket brand.
Loud hawaiian print shorts that came just above the knee.
Sneakers with snap-in color changing logos.
From the EightiesName It
Pants (also other clothing) with tag down zipper.
Clothing brand that attached the tag on the outside of the shirt.
Crinkley materialed pants with multiple pockets and zippers.
Guy's surfer clothing line.
Dog t-shirt.
Pants with elastic worn hooked under your heel.
Brand of purse (ladies name).
Solid colored knit clothing that could be mixed and matched (brand name).
Brand of watch with plastic changable bands.
Beer t-shirts.
Most popular wash for jeans.

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