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Forced Order
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You are a doctor of words on this test
Stairway assessment
I don't think you have enough eyes, Chelsie
I'm turning into a google lady... a doogle goc
I don't want to have two uterises!
Did I just chortle a him?
This is wrong; I should not be flying the bird
Take it off. It's hot. It's alright.
I only have a movie. I didn't bring a baby
Very stretchy... the whole face was involved
Is it Rambo?
The teeter-totter of disequalibrium
This book smells like McDonalds
I was a hot commodity for those 2nd grade boys
Don't you just love duck butts?
It's not a vowel dipthong, it's a dip-flip-flop
I'm sorry, isn't this HOLY week?
Dance to the dumpster
I didn't like it because they were always eating tortillas
Jeremy, you really look like you want to beat someone up... it's in your face; it's in your hair.
Why is it 'schwa' and not 'schwuh'?
Go to sleep or I'll CUT you!
Joking is a lot like lying
If you have a dead person, come to the center
Doogle Gocs
Dance of the dendrites

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