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to say that someone is 'the ____ of your eye'To say that you like someone a lot.
'to say that an activity is 'a piece of ____'To say that an activity was easy to do.
to have ____ on one's faceTo be embarrassed
to cut the ____To be up to a particular challenge
to bring home the ____To earn money
to ____-pickTo choose only the best people or things in a way that is not fair
to have a bigger ____ to fryTo have more important things to do
to ____ someone upTo flatter someone to try to get their favor or friendship
to buy a _____To buy something useless or defective
to be as cool as a ____'To remain calm under pressure
'to sell like ____ ____' To sell quickly or rapidly
'To say that someone is a couch ____'To say that someone is lazy or just sits on the couch watching TV, etc.
'To have sour ____'Used when someone is disparaging about something just because they can't have it
'To say that someone is a big ____'To say that someone is an important person, a leader (usually about business)
'to ____ something up'To change something to make it faster or more powerful by changing or adding something
'to walk on ____'To try hard not to upset someone or something
'To say that someone is as nutty as a ____'To say that someone is slightly crazy
'To say that something is just your cup of ____'To say that you enjoy something or do something well
'to cry over spilt ____'To cry or complain about something that has already happened
'to be in a ____'To be in a difficult or vexing situation
'to be the ____ of the crop'To be the best out of a particular group
'to spill the ____'To expose a secret
'To say that someone is the ____ of the earth'To say that someone is very nice or virtuous person
'to say that something is the greatest thing since sliced ____'To praise a new invention or development

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