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'In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a ______ __________ ____ _ __ ________ __ _ ____ ___ 'John Hurt's voice
'No man is worth ____ ______'Arthur's words of advice
'You don't have magic, Merlin. How could ___ ____ __ ________ ?'Morgana's confrontation
'There's something about you, Merlin. I ____ _____ ___ __ _____ __ __ 'Season 1 Episode 1
'I'm happy to be your servant. ___ __ __ _ ___ 'Merlin's goodbye
'I am NOT fat!' 'You see? ___ ______!'Season 2 Episode 9
'It's so obvious. A _____ ___ _____ ___ __'Merlin's thoughts on Arthur's feelings for Gwen
'I'm not a ______ am I?'Season 1 Episode 1
'Describe dollophead.' 'In 2 words?' 'Yeah.' '_____ ____'Banter between Merlin and Arthur
'I'm glad ___'__ ____, ______'At the table on the beach
'You are like two ____ __ ___ ____ ____'Hunith's revelation-- similar to the dragon
'To admit my feelings knowing that... _____ ___ ____'Season 2 Episode 4
'You're the one Arthur should knight. ___ ___ ___ _______ __ __ ___ ___ __ ______ ____ ____ __'Lancelot's thoughts on Merlin's courage
HintFill in the QuoteHint
'It doesn't have to be like this. We can ____ _______ ___.'Merlin and Morgana
'Is what I want really that insane?' 'Yes Arthur. From anyone's persepctive apart from yours or mine, it's _________ _____'Gwen's response to Arthur's pleas
'I don't understand how anyone would want to hurt their friends.' 'No, you just ______ ____'In the woods, Merlin and Morgana
'What if magic isn't something you choose... what if it ______ ___?'Morgana, Season 1
'Look at what we've got.' 'What?' ' ___ ___ ... __'Merlin attempting to reassure Arthur
'Color _____ ___, _____!'The dress for Freya-- Arthur says it
'She is the darkness to your light. The _____ __ ____ ____.'The dragon on Morgana
'Maybe I should go around with a point hat?' 'I don't think you'll find one ___ _______'Gauis can be a smart alec sometimes
'Don't look so pleased Merlin. The rest of the time your a _________ ____'Arthur just can't give a compliment without an insult
'Sorry. How long have you been training to be a prat, __ ____?'Season 1 Episode 1
'How about... shake a leg? Up and at them? Let's have you ____ ____?'Arthur isn't pleased with any of them
'It is destiny, my love. ______ ___ _____!'His afffections are not welcomed

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