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How it is a gimmickExtra
Has 28 forms
Three forms based on type of area
Only knows its signature move in the wild but can learn TMs
Changes type based on held item
Notorious for shapeshifting
Used to popularize double battles
Powers up with Sunny Day
Used with the DS Microphone
There are red and blue variants of these
Signature move changes type based on drive
Zen Mode
Its offspring can't evolve back
Useless, but often holds a valuable item
Several forms accentuating stats
Makes up for abysmal HP with its ability
Infamous Uber with a limited movepool
Used to popularize seasons
Used to popularize weather
Smallest and largest movepool in the game.
Evolution based on stats
Highest defenses in the game
Has an exclusive ability that can be used against it
Can learn any TM/HM
Household appliances
West and East Sinnoh
A confusing pokemon

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