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Country and QuestionAnswer
Timor-Leste - Year of independence
Haiti - Official language (besides French)
Barbados - Object in flag
Mauritania - Drives on the
Marshall Islands - Independence from
Syria - Bordering sea
Croatia - Largest religion
Guatemala - Population (nearest million)
Guyana - Internet top-level domain
Rwanda - Most important export partner
Italy - Founders of Rome (according to the legend)
Gabon - Time zone
Uganda - Currency
Mauritius - Extinct local bird (related to doves and pigeons) that couldn't fly
Bosnia and Herzegovina - 1914 murder victim in capital city
Morocco - Disputed territory
Malaysia - Internet top-level domain
Cen. Afr. Rep. - Government type
Ghana - Independence from
Dominican Republic - Second largest city
United States - Youngest state
Uzbekistan - Drives on the
Suriname - Official language
Iran - President
Sudan - Largest city (city limits)
Laos - Official language
Cape Verde - Independence from
Nicaragua - Drives on the
Nepal - Highest point (nearest meter)
Madagascar -Demonym
Hungary - Famous spice typical of Hungarian cuisine
Liechtenstein - Official name (full)
Ukraine - Second largest city
Dem. Rep. of the Congo - Largest religion
Angola - Exclave (disconnected continental part of country)
Switzerland - Largest lake
Tunisia - Year of independence
Taiwan - Official name (full)
Mexico - Mexico-city is build on the ruins of this old Aztec city
Slovenia - Internet top-level domain
Estonia - Currency
UAE - Largest emirate (by area)
Brunei - Internet top-level domain
Brazil - Largest state
Kosovo - Largest ethnic group
Russia - Exclave (disconnected continental part of country)
Cyprus - Currency
Iraq - Two major rivers
Saudi Arabia - Number of Provinces
South Africa - Number of Provinces
Bahamas - Largest island
Vatican City - Flag shape
Belgium - Official name (full)
Jordan - Official name (full)
Solomon Islands - Island where capital is located
Honduras - Country with longest border
Lesotho - Bordering country
Jamaica - World record holder 100m/200m for men
Comoros - Official language (besides French)
Latvia - Most popular sport
Palau - Most populous island
Yemen - Population (nearest million)
The Gambia - Longest river
Liberia - Country with longest border
Malta - Number of islands inhabited
Country and QuestionAnswer
Montenegro - Independence from (direct)
Togo - Largest bordering country (area)
France - National Anthem
Denmark - Demonym
Niger - Lowest point
Myanmar - Noble peace price winner and opposition leader
Israel - Symbol on flag
St. Lucia - Geometrical shape inside flag
Rep of the Congo - Bordering Ocean
Iceland - Military expenditures (% of GDP)
Luxembourg - Independence from
Macedonia - Flag color(s)
Panama - Time zone
Austria - Name of highest point
Cambodia - Official language
Swaziland - Drives on the
Chad - Largest lake
Qatar - Time zone
Pakistan - Largest city
El Salvador - Bordering Ocean
China - President
Namibia - Country with longest border
Uruguay - Independence from (direct)
North Korea - Internet top-level domain
Singapore - Largest ethnic group
Turkey - Major peninsula
Somalia - Object in flag
Eritrea - Bordering sea
Netherlands - Former Dutch colony nowadays known as New York City
Chile - Amount of days miners were trapped in mine (2010)
Bahrain - Causeway-connected country
Andorra - Mountain range
Paraguay - Year of independence
Trinidad and Tobago - Largest ethnic group
Lithuania - Second largest ethnic group
Finland - Lowest point
Peru - Number of regions
Argentina - Second largest city
Egypt - Former President
Kiribati - Time zone
Venezuela - Longest river
Equatorial Guinea - Island where capital is located
Czech Republic - Longest river
Antigua and Barbuda - Currency
Colombia - Famous singer of FIFA anthem
Tonga - Government type
St. Kitts and Nevis - Demonym
Zimbabwe - Inflation rate (2010 estimate, nearest whole)
Serbia - Second largest city
Ecuador - Mountain range
Sao Tome and Principe - Demonym
Poland - Endonym (name in native language)
Dominica - Bird on flag
Moldova - Population (nearest million)
Malawi - Country with longest border
Ireland - Amount of money (in billion € or $) in rescue plan of European Union and IMF
Cameroon - Well-known football striker
Turkmenistan - World Heritage Site
Georgia - Most important export partner
United Kingdom - Second in line of succession to the throne
Kyrgyzstan - Object in flag
Bulgaria - Currency
Senegal - Object in flag
Fiji - National Anthem
Slovakia - Former currency
Country and QuestionAnswer
Norway - Last year to host the Olympics
Australia - Largest island
Nauru - Time zone
Seychelles - Age of Suffrage
Lebanon - Bordering sea
Grenada - Drives on the
Vietnam - Government type
Ethiopia - Former name
Bolivia - Largest lake
Spain - Most populous island
Kenya - Largest religion
Bhutan - National sport
Mongolia - Famous leader of the Mongol Empire
Cote d'Ivoire - Top producer of this good
Sweden - Endonym (name in native language)
Greece - Name of highest point
Guinea - Independence from
Oman - Official name (full)
Papua New Guinea - Age of Suffrage
Belarus - Second largest ethnic group
Afghanistan - Head of government
Albania - Bordering sea
Nigeria - Most important import partner
Tuvalu - Internet top-level domain
Cuba - US-controlled area
Kuwait - Name of biggest offensive during Gulf War
Guinea-Bissau - Official Language
Portugal - Second largest city
Mozambique - Demonym
St. Vincent-Grenadines - Internet top-level domain
San Marino - Former currency
Tanzania - Name of highest point
Sri Lanka - Largest religion
Indonesia - Number of islands (nearest thousand)
Botswana - Largest desert
Monaco - Oldest casino
Belize - Largest city
Philippines - Largest city (city limits)
Japan - Last year to host the Olympics
New Zealand - Most populous island
Sierra Leone - Largest religion
Samoa - Former name
Germany - Most important import partner
Burundi - Independence from
Tajikistan - Population (nearest million)
Djibouti - Closest non-bordering country
Canada - Official Summer Sport
Armenia - Year of independence
India - National bird
Costa Rica - Number of Provinces
Burkina Faso - Former name
Algeria - Population (nearest million)
Libya - Flag color(s)
Romania - Second largest ethnic group
Zambia - Largest waterfall
Azerbaijan - Bordering lake
Mali - Most popular sport
Vanuatu - Island claim dispute with... (country)
Micronesia - Largest city
Maldives - Highest point (nearest meter)
Benin - Population (nearest million)
Kazakhstan - Largest city
Bangladesh - Former name
South Korea - Traditional clothing
Thailand - Head of state

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